Wednesday, November 2, 2016


He's asked me many times to come..but my love of dirt biking usually loses over time to chill..or clean the house...or make cookies. Last Sunday, with the aforementioned needing done, I cast aside any guilt or nagging feelings and headed to the end of No. 8 Road...past No Trespassing Signs and ominous warnings to arrive at dunes and a course that was rough and puddled.

The sun was shining and attempting to dry up the waterlogged land. Costumes abounded and some without much more than skivvies as the rule is you ride with one - or you take it all off. The temperature was at 9 celsius so it was obvious from the ruddy back and legs how tough the course was in the cool of fall.

We headed to the jump to catch the thrill of the land and sometimes the fall down the embankment of sand.

This day topped many...and I am so glad I came home to a To-Do list rather than miss out!