Friday, September 9, 2016

the wedding..sort of..

We consider this the start of our cross Canada Journey; on our way through the Okanagan. Can you really get tired of this??

Marriage is a lot like this starts beautifully..

We embarked after months of planning and preparation, both checking in about how we would do this…enamoured with the thought and really not sure what will unfold.

We should stop here first and then…the details started filling in with the understanding that we would adjust as we went.

Day two we were on our way to Calgary…it is a familiar route, though not on a motorcycle. We make our way up and down the curvy esses of the mountains. We stop in Banff to take in the tourist mania. T-shirts, knick-knacks and maple syrup are hawked at every store, kiosk and panhandler you can spot.

The scenery is breathtaking with the reflection of the mountains in the turquoise Lake Louise.
As we approach Calgary a rainbow crosses over the city bisected by a black cloud. The prism appears to be half an arch as a result and I am intrigued. It becomes obvious we will be riding into a storm….at least it is obvious to him. We stop and don rain gear and within a few minutes are riding through a sheet of water. Cars are stopping randomly on the highway and inside I wonder if they know something we don't. It wasn't just a few cars either - there were so many that it cleared the way for us to ride as though we were the celebrities - or the crazy ones. He could barely see through the windshield and the visor would fog up, but if you kept the visor up the drops of rain were like small pebbles pelting you. Rivulets of water were making their way down my neck. This is DAY TWO…and we have so much farther to go.

Most relationships are nurtured in the greenhouse of passion, intrigue and excitement of the future. The relationship moves to a new phase of commitment and you find yourself all in. All in is unique to the relationship itself I have found. Some have the stick-to-it-ness because their innate sense that what brought you together was your core and the storms and blips are surmountable. Yet, I cannot ignore that I have been the observer of relationships run amok with all the typical disturbances of life…ego, sex, finances, insecurities and fit.  Alliances are formed with the conscious or unconscious knowing that it isn't a true fit. Perhaps it is the itch for the moment, but it is not ideal. 

This notion of ideal has sometimes confounded me. I could never be anyone's ideal mate all of the time…not even 75%. Ideal would need a definition to me of someone who helps me to be the best that I can be. I also believe in the commitment to forever, not just with the romantic values, but just as storms and swells will come into our life, having someone remind you to don your rain gear and also rides with you through the tempest - you get through the other side of the deluge. 

We arrive in Calgary, soaking wet and anticipating a visit to the famous or infamous Tubby Dog. I have heard of this place for more than 15 years…nostalgia and kitch meet with bands, dogs and some interesting combos. Musicians were setting up as Heidi and I were christened with our inaugural visit. The dog was okay…though it was a processed soy dog that is hard to lose the taste and texture of play-doh on a bun. 

more to come....Canada is a fricking big country!!!!!!

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