Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Sliding into Ontario we were fresh after our rest in Manitoba. We were gliding on new tarmac that was bendy and twisty the rock formations on each side seem chiseled. Trees and traffic were more abundant, as were warning signs for speeders, reminders of 90 km/h and water views inviting us to stop.

But, like those years in a marriage where there is lots of change, beauty and fragrance, it seems you press on to a destination and miss a lot along the way. Jobs are more demanding, kids are more demanding and you're tired at night, tired in the morning and your relationship slips into push mode. You acknowledge the lakes and changes along the way..you appreciate you are moving forward together...but the meals are getting boring, the routine is mundane...

This was Ontario for me. My head was itching in my helmet where I could not reach, the playlists I created were predictable and annoying me. We blasted through towns, stopping for gas though our sojourn in a town that were all wearing Melissa Bishop tee shirts reminded us to ask the story...and we heard all about the Eganville native that was running the 800 meter race in Rio the next week. The town more than beamed for her..farmers in the field and older ladies having tea in their red shirts got me excited to cheer her on.

We also learned that our unplanned extra day in Manitoba meant that we had missed one of the worst storms. The cafe owner was dumping buckets of water from her planters, and in small town familiarity weaving the story of how truly unique and unpleasant this downpour had been.

We have dodged a lot of storms..we have also ridden into some at full force...I was grateful for the intimation that we had listened to our inner wisdom to avoid this one..Many times through out the years there has been intuition, promptings and God's voice suggesting what I already know is true. I have abandoned some relationships, shifted course and navigated through questionable friendships and situations that would tear me or my family down. I have watched others ignore the plea, the advice and crashed. Purposefully, I have tried to keep my selfdom in check...deliberately rationalizing that it could not always be about me.

I have been blessed by a partner who does the same. The expression of want and need is free and the dialogue around priority, timing and finances ensues. This has meant he has attended plays, dinners and social gatherings he would be less inclined to, and I have entertained bands, slept in a school bus and worn the same clothes for a few days. It has also meant that I have left on bike trips in the pouring rain and he has poked in stores for hours without complaint. Our kids have been, and continue to be the light of our life.

We head back on the road, fed and watered, having abandoned no carbs with a grilled cheese sandwich. The compromise of diet is necessary, especially in a small town. The coffee renews me enough to study the topography of limestone and fossil valley.

We press on!

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