Friday, September 9, 2016

Manitoba is awesome!!

I wasn't always a tea person. In fact I have had quite a few "must-have" phases in our years. I used to drink my coffee with milk and then I changed to heating the milk for 20 seconds in the microwave and then adding coffee…about 8 years ago I happened on tea and it is currently the staple of my life. Were I to choose only one beverage - that would be it. I can drink it hot, warm, cold…and thus far have not tired of it..But I recognize that fads and phases come and go and I am open to change.

We have now stopped at least 6 times on the way to Winnipeg and I can feel the energy draining out of me as I have connected with the Clements and find out that we are 3 hours from our destination. i am not sure if tea can even pull me through right now..but it has to - there is little choice. 

The sky is dark, I am tired, hungry and yet he continues on without complaint. He is really doing the heavy lifting. Planning routes, riding, keeping us out of harms way. He must be exhausted and bored and knowing this helps assuage my grumpiness. We need to muster up energy to visit people we barely know, and soon to meet again tonight.  Heading to the lake - past Grand Beach and onto Lester - I can feel waves of relief as we head into a beautiful sun dancing on the water. 

Past three stop signs and what I read as a tree (instead of Creek) and we find a little dirt road with a few dots of cabins. Hair askew, parched and  windblown we are treated to a  welcome that comforts me. Bonnie, Spencer and Chris are so lovely - so easy to be with. They have things settled - we will stay at the "other cabin" and we really need to stay another night. It was perfect timing as we both knew it was good for us. 

Lester Beach is glorious and sandy on Lake Winnipeg. A remembrance bench for Dorothy is a reminder how important this place is for an important part of our family.

I am fuller than full as we leave. I feel stuffed with love and hugs from the Clements family as we embark on the journey through Kenora to the Great Lakes and beyond!!

Rested, fed and eager to hit curvy roads we are off early enough to need to wipe the dew in August. The input of beauty surpasses all my expectations as we wend and wind our way through the lake country of Winnipeg and Ontario. Water is as common as trees and breathtaking sights abound. I am pleased and surprised at my naivete. I had always pictured the Canadian Shield like the Atlas rendition of a rock mound surfacing was so much more..and Ontario won me over with spectacular views, sandy beaches, clear lakes and how huge this fricking province really is!  

Canadian history taught me that BC was a force to be reckoned with…the railway took twice as long through the mountains..yada yada yada…. I have a new appreciation for the beginnings of that railway…they didn't lose hope…that astounds me.

The middle years of marriage…the raising of children, mortgages, driving, driving, driving…those years seem are home for moments when you are out again….or everything is synchronized to have a child fall ill in the middle and you wend your way to a school, sleepover or dance class unexpectedly…and then, there are the rehearsals, detentions, missed busses and unexpected projects.  Those are the middle years....interminable..defining, wonderful....

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