Friday, September 9, 2016

Calgary to Saskatoon or bust???

The company at Al Von Zipper's was fantastic as we poked through themed rooms, collections and cool music. The tiki room was so comfy and we had a great sleep in anticipation of a long ride  to Saskatoon.

Much like being a newlywed, the beginning of the journey you are fresh, clothes are fresh and you set out with great intentions of early nights and healthy food. At the start of Day Three I could feel my butt losing feeling and the early night was an early morning and so we left on little sleep. I am grateful the roads are straight and won't require too much energy to manoeuvre through. 

Heading out on the plains of a loop of endless fields and cattle with gentle humps and bumps until we reach Drumheller.

Drumheller is a unique valley of dark loam and excavation and a place of dinosaur and anthropological fame. If you look beyond the replica Tyrannosaurus and pterodactyl to the topography of this incredible area, I was in awe of the history that lay beneath this dirt. Although overrun with tourist attractions, you cannot help but appreciate that the story beneath could answer a lot of questions and reveal some mysteries.

We caught up with a friend and their family camping here. They were enjoying the pools and laughter of children….it is great to be reminded of this stage of life…..

We press on after hugs and put the same tape back on of fields and cattle, humps and bumps..though every now and then I would get a nudge to take a picture of verdant valley or copse of trees that made him take notice.

We arrive in Saskatoon bedraggled and hot to meet new friends Brian and Lindsey. We are welcomed with food, drink and great conversation. They are easy to be with and I felt like we had known them for years. Brian fills us in on rides and photo shoots, but the pride he has in his family is evident. 

You often collect friends along life's path and some are for a time, and others come and go. My heart feels full already with Al giving up his bed and Lindsey washing sheets and preparing the most amazing fajitas - and we still have more people to see and things to do. 

Next stop - Winnipeg or thereabouts. We try to catch breakfast with Brian as we leave…unfortunately still on Maclean Crescent gas is pouring from his bike…nonplussed outwardly he hops in my place and Norman returns him to his house to get his truck….a few crafty turns and we arrive at our destination that does not open for a few hours. We hastily say goodbye and set the compass east.

I had no idea what I was really getting into…if you have done it before - it still doesn't matter because it will be different - physically, emotionally - weather - life. Both in relationships and this journey we were now in what we thought was the middle. 

Crossing into Manitoba there was a change. There were now trees and hills, and different flora lined the highway. The weather was hot and the journey was now hard. My legs were restless, my hair was itchy, my music felt stale I couldn't seem to stay comfortable for more than a few minutes. My saving grace was tea. I brought 80+ peppermint herbal tea bags with me and every time we stopped I would try to get a hot water refill. 

This was more than just being frugal. This was one requirement for my hydration and I am extremely picky about the tea. Starbuck's has a hint of lemon in their peppermint…and Tim Horton's is just "okay"….I used to have a different brand in my purse or pockets at all time…but when I tried my current brand I have not gone back. As we were packing I had a few ziplocks…"You need all that?" was his query…I did…in fact as we arrived at Pearson Airport to leave I had  2 bags left…Had we stuck to our original plans I would have been out…so perhaps this is why we had to change plans? Maybe this is how the universe works?

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