Sunday, July 17, 2016

essentials only

I have one pannier to hold all I need to visit 7 major cities and hundreds of towns for more than 3 weeks. We are east-bound across the Rockies with a destination as far east as we dare before we head back. Montreal and Quebec city are the highlights, but part of the journey will take us through the big prairie skies of my birthplace. Our oldest has scouted Quebec for us, highlighting the cool scenes we are inclined to miss after days of riding. I have one pannier and this means preparing for summer storms, blazing heat and cold mornings. I will rule out attire for fancy eateries and dance spots. Next time. My pre-trip prep requires building muscle of trust. It is hard to relinquish all control of life and safety to another. My friend echoed the struggle I have, not with trust, but in control and yet as we chatted the flurry of thought and emotion solidified. Love gave control and power. I have already built that might require a little stretching now - as will my hips after long rides... I expect this land of mine to show me wonders and sites from my 180 view with a 20 or so degree obstruction in front. we come!!

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  1. frick...just realized I have to pack computer too...can I live with a few less shirts...grrrr.......