Friday, March 25, 2016


You know those Saturdays when you have mounting chores - powerwashing, laundry, taxes, accounting...but the sun bursts through the clouds reminding me there are bikes to ride. It has been a while since I embraced reckless abandon and did what I needed to instead of what should be done. So when a friend came for a visit, we ditched duty and were off. As always we looked for twists and turns in the road as we made our way to Fort Langley. There was no dull at the thrill of anticipation through familiar grooves and ruts. Three of us zipping and coiling through the countryside, at times in unison and next splayed seconds apart and riding our own ride. In unison I am mesmerized by the timing of three disparate machines and responses that synchronize as though one. When the spell of the wave is broken I find myself enthralled with the wide-open, eagles catching wind, nests high up in the bare trees exposed by winter and the daffodils that have bloomed in the early heat of March. We break for coffee amidst the tourist area, little kids pointing at us and having their parents bend to whisper. I wonder what they say. A little boy gives me the thumbs up surreptitiously and when I smile he looks shyly looks to his shoes. We set off for home, with a detour to Telegraph Trail. I never tire of this little road without lines that seems set back in time. It is a few minutes of gentle sway with old farmhouses and I conjure tales of yesteryear and am set back in time. Within minutes we are in the din of the city, though the peace from the morning has settled in me. Namaste.

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