Saturday, July 4, 2015


i don't call 32C glorious. Nor bearable. But it was fun to ride to the water to enjoy the sites of Vancouver and be a tourist in our town. We rode the little ferry between Science World and Granville Island. We bought ambrosia apples and marvelled at the early harvest. We walked the seawall, amidst the sauna like conditions and then enjoyed the company of good friends for a drink and then dinner at the Black Lodge, a quaint and quirky Twin Peaks' themed vegetarian restaurant resplendent with campy memorabilia. That night Jason played some good and some bad Canadian music...some of which should have been burned..and some heralded. When we finally got home, exhausted from the heat, stuffed from food and drink the pool awaited...and true to Norman style we floated until sunset enjoying the last moments of the day. I tried not to think too much of yesteryear when standard was at Saturna Island with all my little chicks gathered around a lamb roast, enjoying the throng of people, games, dunk tanks and always music and dancing. Those were great years... We have moved on now....but I am so grateful for the memories.