Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sea to Sky

Rolling hills and sweeping corners on the Sea to Sky Highway from Horseshoe Bay to Whistler lull me with the undulating rhythm. Hugging craggy, rock face skirted in metal mesh we move stealthily, tipping side to side with the hum of the motor. The sites are breathtaking - thickets of copse, purple trillium, eagles soaring and waterfalls provide the escape key from the frenetic and routine pace of everyday. My helmet encapsulates deep musing. Perhaps I have to listen to the thoughts bouncing to and fro that this orb is where I ruminate on big things. Life things. Adult things. Where am I going? Who am I becoming? Am I on the right road? is in the protective bubble that metaphors abound to life and riding. Not following the pack, riding your ride, enjoying the journey as much as the destination. I have learned I love corners - even if I can't see around them at what is coming next. I have had to learn to relax through the glide. It makes it much more fun. You will get through if you are clenching your jaw and tightening your shoulders...but it isn't necessary riding, nor in life. I have also learned we are more stable than we sometimes feel. The laws of the universe have conspired to keep us moving forward - providing gravity and thermodynamics. Wisdom tells me to trust more and not let fear rule. I don't always like the road less traveled, because that might mean it isn't paved. I love wide open spaces with nothing in front of me. Signs that we are approaching Whistler snap thoughts to the present. My therapy over for the day.

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