Saturday, August 23, 2014

I can't pinpoint my favourite part of our journey. Curvy roads always do something for me as we wind our way up the Sunshine Coast. The air was fresh and cooled by the breeze off the water. From any vantage there was beauty. Eagles circling overhead with fish wriggling in their talons to islands, shores and picturesque towns that enhance my gratitude. Onto Vancouver Island and we are snaking our way through towns and groves and my bike sways in rhythm. We sojourn in Parksville with a meal of questionable nutrition and enjoy a pipe of earthy tobacco watching meteors and constellations. Early morning and we are off before the melting heat. We breakfast in Chemanius, the town of murals, that needed no decoration. It is a little cove tucked in with the water gently framing the shore....We seek roads less traveled wending to Lake Cowichan and on to the Renfrew Loop...The tarmac is not perfect...a few bumps loosened teeth and bones...but also a place where the timbre of the motor is the only sound for miles. Rarely a car is found and the one-way bridges never impeded us. It begins with wide open spaces a scrub of land and shrubs with spindly trees escort you into a thickening copse, and finally tree shaded paths that climb and twist, descend and bend, rise and fall with the topography.... Third, second, third, fourth, third, second, third, fourth...quick third and second..around a chicane...clutch, scrub the brakes...changing gears, gunning, slowing...your senses are completely in tune with all that is around. A critter pokes his head and pulls back at the disturbance...It feels like a cartoon.... By the time we arrive in Port Renfrew I can feel the work out my wrists and arms have done. We forego beer, knowing we still have to get to our destination after Jordan River. We tuck in at friends after a meal fit for a German royalty. Our friend is a personal chef to some big-wig, and our meal was the best I have had in years...The time and thought of preparation inspired my foodie to seek out heirloom tomatoes and tuna steaks...mmmmmmmmmm We are off the next day to Victoria...but again...on roads less travelled...and more bendy and narrow than many like to cruise on. To be continued...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Underwear - check, phone - check, iPad - check, license - check, passport - check....All packed and ready to ride up Sunshine Coast, over the Vancouver Island - enjoying a sojourn at Parksville, Port Renfrew and hopefully a dip in Lizard Lake. We will lay on the grass of our provincial parliament, watch birds steal popcorn and annoy tourists and then board a boat to take us across the Strait to Port Townsend Washington. The mercury currently sits at 24 degrees at 10:00pm, so the challenge will be hydration and shade. My wrist will get a workout and I imagine that I will fall asleep within moments of reclining each night. We will see friends along the way and meet a relative. And we're off!!