Monday, July 7, 2014

Should I?

Naivete and gullibility mean that I follow him into the darkening skies. "It'll be fine" he chimes. I relent as it seems that I and the weather forecast are typically wrong. I had some hesitation...the charcoal set against a grey blanket sky should have been a clue. By the time we are 10 kms in the drops are impeding vision. We rally to our destination, albeit, hastily making our way around and leave amidst puddles, wet knees and helmet...I can't do anything about it, so I suck it up and try to avoid the pins and needles of drops cutting into my face. To put my visor down means a blur of fog...neither a prospect of enjoyment...but I am riding.. We make it off the last bridge with pruney hands, and a puddle in my red wings but getting cutoff with no warning, no signal and crossing a solid line should have sent me into a tailspin...Not only did he come between my man and I...he didn't even realize it - but to cut off a girl on a bike....come on man.... If I could have kicked his car without losing the soggy boot, I would have...I couldn't separate digits to solute him... I survived another soggy ride...and I am sure there will be more...but if I see that guy in a grey Jeep, somewhat similar to my own...I will find that digit to throw at him!

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