Sunday, July 13, 2014

Familiar valley

...we are off early to meet friends for kayaking Harrison Lake. This means familiar tarmac out to Mission and beyond...and yet, although I note the car strewn yards and castle styled home, there is adventure in shift of gears. The sway of trees, the slither of the road lull me into the bliss of holiday mode. The breeze is temperate enough to keep my gloves on, yet I can feel the sun heating my cheeks. Kayaking was great fun...and lots of work. For me, a little person, the last 20 minutes seemed eternal. My thumb was swollen and blue from a ring I would not remove...and I refused the tow of shame...but I made it. I recall counting rhythmically to 10 and reminding myself to dig deep. I have little upper body strength of late and the heat of the day and wind in my face made me want a motor. I won't mention decades under my belt... After a sojourn and a beer we are leaving the valley heading straight into a blow dryer. Jacket and gloves discarded it was only the music of the Ramones in the iPod that kept any spirits about me...and to arrive home and hear of Tommy's demise somehow felt poignant. Of course I also listened to Vicious Cycles...and nothing happened there..gratefully!! With no juice left in me I find a party in full swing at my house. Splashing from the pool and a garbage can inside same pool were a warning. I would be lame to be asleep by 9:00pm...I LOVE when the kids come home...I love their friends...the chaos...but I really wanted to be lame anonymously tonight. You junk food, watch movie, scratch belly maybe?? I can't do that with twenty-somethings walking through my house in board shorts.. Do you have onions for the burgers??? See if you can find the response amidst the desire to roll up the cover and play dead. They actually were quiet by 11:00...or I just passed out because the last I heard was a mottled conversation about the wedding...and next I was wake in time for The Shop's Spit & Shine...So much to little energy some days... I have returned from the last event solo....nursing aching thumb. The heat of the day feels like an oven as I gulp gallons of water to rehydrate and press I am off to serve food at a community dinner..and hopeful that I realize my own complaints on heat and ache are small in the grand scale of things.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Should I?

Naivete and gullibility mean that I follow him into the darkening skies. "It'll be fine" he chimes. I relent as it seems that I and the weather forecast are typically wrong. I had some hesitation...the charcoal set against a grey blanket sky should have been a clue. By the time we are 10 kms in the drops are impeding vision. We rally to our destination, albeit, hastily making our way around and leave amidst puddles, wet knees and helmet...I can't do anything about it, so I suck it up and try to avoid the pins and needles of drops cutting into my face. To put my visor down means a blur of fog...neither a prospect of enjoyment...but I am riding.. We make it off the last bridge with pruney hands, and a puddle in my red wings but getting cutoff with no warning, no signal and crossing a solid line should have sent me into a tailspin...Not only did he come between my man and I...he didn't even realize it - but to cut off a girl on a bike....come on man.... If I could have kicked his car without losing the soggy boot, I would have...I couldn't separate digits to solute him... I survived another soggy ride...and I am sure there will be more...but if I see that guy in a grey Jeep, somewhat similar to my own...I will find that digit to throw at him!