Monday, May 19, 2014

The weather forecasters predicted showers...that always makes me hesitant. I scouted my rain gear and squeezed it amongst camping stuff. I wasn't looking forward to the wet part...the camping part...but I wouldn't have missed the weekend for the world...So we are off on a grey day in a long line up at US Customs...
Ipod trying ever so hard to amuse as we head through familiar bucolic areas on our way to Whidbey Island. I haven't been this route in a while...actually not since we broke down in Edson a few years ago...nothing has changed....the farms are still askew with equipment and cars. For Lease and Sale signs dot small towns. We head through Oak Bay and on to Freeland and then follow the directions leading to Double Bluff Road and a dirt road leading to a cabin of yesteryear sans electricity and full of hand hewn logs and shake siding. ...
We arrive just as the couple have returned from a bended knee proposal on the beach. It didn't rain and we spent the day playing badminton, drinking beer and reminding the kids of their new title of fiance. Tears would flow - followed by hugs...more beer...stories...and lots of smiles.
Congratulations to Kim and Jared!!!

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