Thursday, May 29, 2014

Peaceful Restaurant

..that is what it is called...cheesy name...and I truly was not expecting much more than a Chinese meal. We dug into hand-pulled noodles and both our eyes bugged out and we ordered another bowl. The flavours were unlike anything I have had before. They danced in my mouth and left my lips slightly tingling...but I loved it!!! This is how we spent our anniversary. Riding somewhat boring urban roads with a threat of rain hanging in the dark clouds we did not allow that to dampen us. We arrive and squish into a table for two that is always too small with helmets and bags. It was amazing!! Did I say it was amazing? I love discovering places that you least expect would satisfy the olfactory senses - not necessarily eye candy though. The decor was lacking, the tea lukewarm...but who cares - even as the rain came down.. We try to walk off our food belly but this means the seats are accumulating we take off, the moisture could now be evidence of a bladder problem. It slows to spitting..but pants are wet anyways. We drive by the Black Lodge and see our friend waving us in. We stop for a hug, a chat and the man has a beer as we describe in detail the cuisine that explains the protrusions in the front. We leave as darkness is falling and the distraction of the lights, the drivers and the dampness have me twisting the throttle more than usual. My reprieve from the anxiety of the stop and go traffic was River Road in Richmond. Cruising the river is a delight. The scrub of properties..dismantled cars strewn about....there is character like a wizened and withered sailor. Chasing his tail light is easier with him on the GB. It is also a 250 so he is twisting his wrist with little room on the throttle too. What a great anniversary that very few of my friends would understand.

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