Thursday, March 27, 2014

More metaphors...

I think metaphorically...seeing connections and parallels. I have written before of how riding is a lot like a relationship. Again tonight as we rode in sync along River Road...quivers in my lips, yet enjoying the rhythmic movement from side to side, it was obvious how much this is just like our marriage of many years. Riding that moment of synchronicity brings me such pleasure. There is power in the timing of being able to move as one...there are lots of times we are off...he is faster, slower, I am riding my own ride and so is he. Some days it is just about getting places - alone - or together ...but that moment in a ride when you are swaying together and you know you have it..there is not another thing that can replace it. We know each other enough to anticipate moves...He knows I will open the throttle on the way home...usually because I am cold. I know he will roll through a I try to keep up as much as I can. We drive each other crazy when he rides with no hands...casually dropping them like they are an encumbrance...and me adjusting my helmet, fixing my hair and iPod are his little peeves. Some rides are common...same roads...same scenery - yet it is finding that moment that makes you smile..the unity in the movement...his profile in the sunset...the barges on the river and the acknowledgement of our vulnerability.

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