Thursday, November 21, 2013

Although the mercury has dipped below zero there is still a flurry of cycle related conversations. Suggestions of bikes, tweaks, gear and rides abound. Plans for frozen snot rides..which will inevitably be foggy windshield, frozen finger and runny eyeball ride too. The thing is...riding last weekend with the aforementioned maladies was not bad. The sun was shining, my cheeks were ice packs but we slithered and zigzagged through traffic and caught currents of warm air to course through my veins and stop the chattering teeth. I have learned to warm my hands at a red light on the engine - to bask in the momentary slither of sunshine - and to appreciate the warmth of a semi that blocks the wind. I have also learned the feeling of being invigorated at the ice flowing through me...rejuvenating, shocking and causing me to pay attention. One day I will succumb to heated grip or vest. One day I will enjoy leather pants or a fairing that blocks it all. For now the badass part of me enjoys the hardcore, raw bite of the wind that reminds me I am no wuss.

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