Saturday, November 23, 2013

Riding in November? !!

I braved the cold (6 degrees Celsius/42 Fahrenheit) for a bone chilling ride...and not just a few k's either. Round trip about 45. The sun was out...who can resist? I have ridden 9 of the last 12 months....I will admit I was in the southern hemisphere for two of those months...and riding on the other side that I am used to..but I am braving it all. Donning wool, tights, extra socks and liners to enjoy the sun again. The wind bites...movement is harder with layers...but with music in my ears I am off at the twist of my wrist shivering, albeit liberated at my liquid movements over the tarmac. Perhaps December??!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Although the mercury has dipped below zero there is still a flurry of cycle related conversations. Suggestions of bikes, tweaks, gear and rides abound. Plans for frozen snot rides..which will inevitably be foggy windshield, frozen finger and runny eyeball ride too. The thing is...riding last weekend with the aforementioned maladies was not bad. The sun was shining, my cheeks were ice packs but we slithered and zigzagged through traffic and caught currents of warm air to course through my veins and stop the chattering teeth. I have learned to warm my hands at a red light on the engine - to bask in the momentary slither of sunshine - and to appreciate the warmth of a semi that blocks the wind. I have also learned the feeling of being invigorated at the ice flowing through me...rejuvenating, shocking and causing me to pay attention. One day I will succumb to heated grip or vest. One day I will enjoy leather pants or a fairing that blocks it all. For now the badass part of me enjoys the hardcore, raw bite of the wind that reminds me I am no wuss.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The buzz in the garage

Last night the cold concrete filled with engines of various ccs was the connecting point for the guys. The laughter and stories were as thick as the man smells. A flick was playing amidst conversations of wrenching and life. Food, drinks and the buzz was on.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Daring Greatly

I have just finished a book the same title as my post. It is an intellectual rendition of research on vulnerability and courage. There isn't a biker that feels invulnerable to the elements, the cars, drivers, deer or a myriad of reasons that many would not ride. The purr or roar of the motor is a reminder of our exposure. It takes great courage, dare, bravado, to set out on two wheels, balancing precariously, leaning through corners when you would rather straighten up and slow down. I have had to justify the dare to many...and sometimes I am at a loss for they cannot understand. I like daring greatly.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

planning time

The grey sky and rain have rolled in suggesting an end to my riding season. Bike is washed and bedded down, though at the ready to fire up on the chance of a sunny, dry day. The cold of November nips your cheeks and invigorates. I warm my fingertips on the engine, periodically slowing down on my throttle hand...It is oft suggested I need heated grips, vest or gloves. I am like my man...scoffing at the luxury. We are in the season of planning now. 2013 having ridden in Australia and the Maritimes, our next adventure awaits our dreams. Suggestions are welcomed.