Friday, October 11, 2013

night moves

There is something to the fluid movement to avoid braking on a bike. It isn't exactly the mantra of riding school - shoulder check, signal, check again, move... Instead it resembles point, glance and weave. I trust him mostly, though I sometimes cannot help but squeeze with anticipation at my perception of a narrow miss. I imagine the sway as water cuts a swath to escape...sometimes jagged, mostly gentle esses blazing a path and yet in harmony with the surroundings. Next we are heading west on East 1st when the city is painted in breathtaking lights. I have not seen this view before...the beauty of twinkly lights on velvet have the appearance of an artist's hand carefully planning the splash of purple on Science World and the neon of signs. I am reminded of a conversation the hour before of missing so much in a car...or the realization of how big and beautiful the world is when we are not confined to a narrow view through a windshield. We are part of the picture. I intake cold air in awe of my city.

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