Sunday, October 27, 2013

Anticipating chill I layered...and layered, squishing into my jacket. Glasses fogging from the bandana, I realize I need to expose my nose in order to prevent this. The tips of my fingers are cold and I feel encumbered by the bulk, yet we are off in search of the treasure of album covers and whatnots. We arrive at Neptoon and I am shedding all layers in realization that the sun that brought us out is there for warming as well. The chill of morning has been burned. Although an ordinary ride, I am gleaming at the thought that we are near to November and still on two wheels. Next, we weave and wend our way to the Far Out Coffee Outpost on Dundas. Best breakfast burrito and breakfast in Vancouver, in my thus far career as a breakfast critic. Fluffy eggs, spinach in a shell with house made salsa, sour cream and a deftly carved orange is the detail that is the mantra of the Far Out. The soup was AMAZING, .cinnamon laced squash and could you possibly go wrong??? Many ways...but they don't!!! No salt or accoutrements needed, for a chef has ensured a pleasure for the palate, the diet and the belly.. Off again and we are at The Shop with the smell of leather, the smile of them all, and the sun shining on us. Seeing Stacey's new ride was a highlight. A Honda 70 scooter, beautiful vintage yellow..Andrew is clearly proud at the acquisition. And then, a visit to the West-end, to our Samee's new digs...quaint, detailed, completely her. So great to see her launched. It was a memorable day!

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