Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nova Scotia amazing to ride!!! It has twists, esses and windy bits that thrill a rider...and so much more. A lack of stop lights, stop signs, few other vehicles and logical speed limits has every rider smiling..But again..there's more. The church steeples would announce the town and remembrance of the past was unavoidable as the headstones of yesteryear were the proclamation of our forefathers and the sacrifice of the homesteaders, immigrants and sailors. I cannot begin to count the number of cemeteries we saw on our journey. At some we wandered through noting dates and ages...sometimes generations of families were etched in the landscape. The homage to the past was part of our journey. Swathing through bucolic settings of gentle slopes and tidy barns something eludes me as to what the difference is....Traffic aside, a farm is a farm. After hours of riding I see an atypical farm - equipment in the fields, some strewn in the yard along with skeleton cars and rusted swing sets. I realize that it was the exception...where a typical acreage was neat and tidy, mown grass, prim and proper. The pride in their possession shone through. Many of these were over a hundred years old and yet they still looked habitable and quaint. After this revelation - it was obvious. Financial challenges meant things are not easily replaceable - but maintaining things can still be done. A great message to a disposable generation. Moving from farm to coast we now enter fishing villages along the way. They are old and ripe with personality..but again a sense of pride shows through the scrubbed hulls and brightly painted fish shacks. The roads aren't steep, nor really twisty, but their character is something to behold. A gentle sway, the church spires and the crashing waves all conspire to draw you in like a deep inhale of breath. You cannot help but relax and drink it in. Within a few days I kept repeating that my "memory card" was full..for just when I would exhale a breath at an astounding - church, graveyard, bird, town...... I would come upon another. The eye candy was almost too sweet at once. We hadn't even done the Cabot Trail yet..! More to come on that one!

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