Saturday, September 14, 2013

Grapenut Ice Cream, McLobster, Scallops and Chips...

What are things you get in Nova Scotia. I enjoyed all three...even the surrendering to The Mc chain... What you won't get is hustle bustle...there is no time for that. The clerks talk...and talk to customers unconcerned with line-ups. Customer service is not about churning people through the till apparently. What you won't get is a myriad of choice. Typically it was white or brown...multigrain was offered only once - and that was at an upscale B&B. Organic was not labelled, but I didn't see large chicken factories....most farms were family owned and run. A few salad dressings were the choices from the 70's of Thousand Island, French and Italian. No one seemed to care they were missing out on Mandarin Orange & Ginger; Mango Chipotle or Fig Balsamic. Also, you won't find many stoplights on backroads - stop signs either. We rolled along curvy, smooth roads with spires peaking in the distance announcing a town. Around the church would usually be the markers of pioneers and homesteaders of yesteryear of several generations. Walking amongst the settlers resting place we saw many were new arrivals, young, vulnerable to a land in need of clearing. Generations of families told a story of heartache at the many young as well as resilience at the aged markers telling stories of sea survival. This was a place that honour their decedents, keeping them forefront. It changed my mind on burial...headstones...graveyards. What I had perceived as unnecessary, morbid and expensive became a place of reverence, history and stories. Thank you Nova Scotia.

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