Saturday, June 8, 2013


I like routine...most weeks ebb and flow with familiarity. I wake at the same time and tuck in the same way. My man is flexible. He swirls around activities of the band, motorcycle meets, events in the city. Today he is waking up in Edmonton, I'm sure on little sleep and mostly adrenalin. He will have tiptoed around bodies to get out and find some coffee. He will rally them together to hit the road for Calgary. After the show they will be at Tubbydog at 3:00 in the morning - or 4:00...and he will awaken first and be on his quest for coffee and then motivate everyone to hit the road for the long drive home. It will feel twice as long returning with their tiredness. There is nothing attractive in their adventure and yet he will be content. My day started with his alarm going off just after 5:00 waking up the little dog. She was full of vigour and out she went sniffing and exploring. That did not satisfy her - she needed water - food - and treats. This roused the other dog and my day began. It is the weekend so it is mostly ad hoc typical activities. I am content with this.

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