Saturday, June 15, 2013

The music scramble was not typical...for some reason Norah Jones and an unknown artist of a genre I think is screaming cats with terribly syrupy lyrics are on my iPod. The night was perfect despite my hesitancy at a chill. The river was like glass and as I chased the GB coiling down River Road I imagined longer rides in unknown lands. Familiarity is good, but adventure happens in the unknown. I play the balancing game at stop signs and lights and I am proud that I did not have to put feet down. There were little wobbles - but no feet. Following the painted Motorcycho on his jacket, part of me wants to get one to match. Now I actually don't like that look...matching helmets, jackets, etc. I don't care if others do just does not suit me...but his jacket painted by our son is special. It has a look I can't describe but know it embodies nostalgia for me. Back to the ride..that although is a typical route, still evokes enthusiasm for me. I wonder how I will be behind him in Nova Scotia....will I ache to get behind the bars? Will I be bored of looking to the right instead of straight in front - or will I be enchanted by the verdant hills and rolling waves? I am sure we will fall in love with it all...

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