Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rolling with friends..

Our friends were brave enough to ride their rented scooters with us through Vancouver today. I felt like the parent, riding behind, praying for their safety as I saw wobbles, feet down at corners and a few near misses within moments of leaving Quebec Street. I remember reiterating to "look where you want to go" emphatically as I could. I told her..don't look at the curb or other cars...look and your bike will follow. Less than 10 minutes in and we round a sharp corner at Nanaimo and McGill and I see her narrowly miss the cement abutment and head straight for the curb on the other side of the road...It would have been instant calamity if any other vehicle was nearby. My heart was in my throat beating loudly - reminding me we are alive and safe. I was pulled over, amazed that such a busy corner was clear... She bravely carried on...perhaps out of naivete. At the next corner she slowed..a slight wobble - right foot trying to skate...but she was fine. The ride was awesome...through Gastown, Stanley Park, Granville Island... I felt like the big sister - making sure no one would hurt her. I would ride up beside cars that might not hear or see her...I made sure to dominate lanes and give her room to move over when we needed to change. The man lead and I lagged...a reflection of us.
The music scramble was not typical...for some reason Norah Jones and an unknown artist of a genre I think is screaming cats with terribly syrupy lyrics are on my iPod. The night was perfect despite my hesitancy at a chill. The river was like glass and as I chased the GB coiling down River Road I imagined longer rides in unknown lands. Familiarity is good, but adventure happens in the unknown. I play the balancing game at stop signs and lights and I am proud that I did not have to put feet down. There were little wobbles - but no feet. Following the painted Motorcycho on his jacket, part of me wants to get one to match. Now I actually don't like that look...matching helmets, jackets, etc. I don't care if others do just does not suit me...but his jacket painted by our son is special. It has a look I can't describe but know it embodies nostalgia for me. Back to the ride..that although is a typical route, still evokes enthusiasm for me. I wonder how I will be behind him in Nova Scotia....will I ache to get behind the bars? Will I be bored of looking to the right instead of straight in front - or will I be enchanted by the verdant hills and rolling waves? I am sure we will fall in love with it all...

Saturday, June 8, 2013


I like routine...most weeks ebb and flow with familiarity. I wake at the same time and tuck in the same way. My man is flexible. He swirls around activities of the band, motorcycle meets, events in the city. Today he is waking up in Edmonton, I'm sure on little sleep and mostly adrenalin. He will have tiptoed around bodies to get out and find some coffee. He will rally them together to hit the road for Calgary. After the show they will be at Tubbydog at 3:00 in the morning - or 4:00...and he will awaken first and be on his quest for coffee and then motivate everyone to hit the road for the long drive home. It will feel twice as long returning with their tiredness. There is nothing attractive in their adventure and yet he will be content. My day started with his alarm going off just after 5:00 waking up the little dog. She was full of vigour and out she went sniffing and exploring. That did not satisfy her - she needed water - food - and treats. This roused the other dog and my day began. It is the weekend so it is mostly ad hoc typical activities. I am content with this.