Saturday, May 4, 2013

scents and scentsibilities

Gliding through the valley in the warmth of the rising sun the smell of fresh cut grass evokes memories of entering my grandpa's garage. A smell so distinguishable from all others. Next a waft of sweet peas is mixed with the churning of cow dung as we make esses down the country roads. The funk of the river is barely noticeable over the pristine moment of peace with the movement of water. My mind catalogues the aroma of the landscape and I am traveling through time...oil and gas from a nearby lawnmower and I am in our garage watching my man tinker. Bacon drifts briefly by my nose, replaced by pine and cherry blossoms exploding in flower and I am transported to yesteryears when our cherry tree was in bloom and united with our cooking for this same bouquet. They say the sense of smell is one of our strongest memories. I believe this now as I feel in hyperdrive of recollection. Rubber, warm pavement, hay bombard me. Skunk cabbage or skunk swirl acridly by causing me to take notice of that moment. Sweet emanations are upon me again, a mixture of seedlings, tulips, and magnolia. My cheeks are sore from smiling..the experience so pleasing, that although I am looking up at majestic ranges, I am imagining the smell of the clean, clear air and potions that are created along that route.

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