Saturday, May 4, 2013


....the more you try to be it...the less you are... That is my observation from decades. I have no idea what cool is. I know this. Norman though...he does and he doesn't care about cool. He confuses me. He is comfortable playing kissy face with our mite of a dog, talking in baby voice and relishing in her... He orders fluffy drinks that have whipped cream at Starbucks... and he is utterly comfortable riding the turquoise GX. I know it is not cool. Yet, arms embraced around him as we test it on the highway, the definition of cool is trying to be filled in. The lack of hubris is admirable. Admirable because he is the nerdiest, cool person I know. Back at home base he declares the new handlebars cool. Once again, I defer to the man, for I have not a clue.

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