Sunday, December 2, 2012


...sometimes my worlds collide. The world of biker, mom, cook, manager, middle ager, music loving, introvert are in a place where I have to be comfortably uncomfortable with the collusion at the collide. As my co-worker screamed his lyrics, my son contorted his face while keeping the beat for all and my husband rocking the theramin and tambourine, I was amidst a generational mix juxtaposed with a common thread. As the music united in beat the crowd rhythmically bounced and swayed as a tide ebbs and flows. Lyrics shouted by young and old, bodies crashing, drinks spilling and smiles abounding. There were the nervous...carrying their purses at the unruly mob. There were those with reckless abandon dancing as if no one was watching. As the room filled and my arms grew tired of hugging there was a sense of family in my heart. Seeing friends that we had not seen and remembrances of rides and roads together. Seeing connections among the throng and others that we had no idea were in this circle of our lives as well. I catch up with those in heart-ache and life change...encouraging their new found resolve to quit drinking/smoking/bad relationships/negativity. I celebrate with those that are moving on to new jobs/houses/lives....and although I am the description at the beginning - a mixed bag of hats I wear, I am well with it.