Saturday, September 8, 2012

side mirrors

I use my mirrors often. As I am braking at a light, riding through traffic, and just to keep watch on what is coming up behind me. I don't like the surprise of a roaring engine zipping past me. It makes me feel unsafe and unprepared. When I know they are coming I brace myself...not in fear...but just in thought. I have no idea how people ride without mirrors. They never look back - eyes are forward. That takes a lot of courage. Some have only one mirror. They just want to be aware enough, but know that not much fazes them. I am not one of those people. I like to see it all...clearly...and as much as possible. I adjust my mirrors, shoulder check, adjust again. I hate not knowing.... ...but...I also realize that I can be distracted by where I have been....I can sometimes worry about the semi there air in their brakes? Do they see me? Can they stop? I see others coming up fast and again the worry sets in.. and as I am doing this - I am forgetting to look in front - straight ahead. That is usually where the danger is. The road you haven't been on...the potholes you need to see...not the ones you just missed... Life and riding parallel so perfectly for me. Riding is an illustration of how I need to live.

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