Saturday, September 8, 2012

side mirrors

I use my mirrors often. As I am braking at a light, riding through traffic, and just to keep watch on what is coming up behind me. I don't like the surprise of a roaring engine zipping past me. It makes me feel unsafe and unprepared. When I know they are coming I brace myself...not in fear...but just in thought. I have no idea how people ride without mirrors. They never look back - eyes are forward. That takes a lot of courage. Some have only one mirror. They just want to be aware enough, but know that not much fazes them. I am not one of those people. I like to see it all...clearly...and as much as possible. I adjust my mirrors, shoulder check, adjust again. I hate not knowing.... ...but...I also realize that I can be distracted by where I have been....I can sometimes worry about the semi there air in their brakes? Do they see me? Can they stop? I see others coming up fast and again the worry sets in.. and as I am doing this - I am forgetting to look in front - straight ahead. That is usually where the danger is. The road you haven't been on...the potholes you need to see...not the ones you just missed... Life and riding parallel so perfectly for me. Riding is an illustration of how I need to live.


A few times I realize I am in the wrong lane. Sometimes I just can't keep up with everyone else and I need to move over. Other times I am not riding at my own speed and I am eager to find that space to push past. I notice at times ego is involved. I am riding along just fine and a surge of something that wants to prove myself compels me to twist the throttle and gun it. The momentary exhilaration quells the hunger and my logical, practical brain kicks in. Lest you are watching closely, you might not notice the inconsistency of my speeds. He notices. "Why were you going so slow?" he asks? To which I wonder why the query... At times I want the wind in my face..and other times I enjoy the draft of someone else. Sometimes it is the destination that compels the throttle...For me this would be after 9:00pm as I am an early riser and my energy fades at sunset...I just want to get home. is the challenge of the road or a rider....and sometimes...I just want the adrenalin to kick in. I am trying to pick the right lane more times than not. The lane that I feel comfortable and safe in, yet still allows me to ride in a way that keeps the challenge in front of me. It might be good advice for us all.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

distractions I am riding I am working on a seed that is lodged in my upper left tooth. I had been eating succulent blackberries, the loveliest of fruit that grow wild in the Pacific Northwest. And yet, this tiniest of seed has been a distraction for me all the way home. My tongue is trying ever so hard to push and cajole the seed to no avail. All I am thinking about is this seed... Isn't this the truth...I have 31 other seedless teeth and yet this is the one that compels my tongue to it? I am riding and should be enjoying the wind in my face, and yet I cannot help but fixate on this seed. Quite the lesson. The seed is embedded and perhaps has no idea the peril it has caused much like the comments of derision people freely expel. The seed is all I think about at this moment - the focus of everything. Isn't that the way? The smallest thing can upset everything...change everything in a moment...a word, an action, a seed. We become fixated on what it has done to us... I could forget about the annoyance, have it fester..but those that know me well, know my intolerance for this. My goal is to expel the seeds in my life. I forget the vexation in moments...carving corners, passing cars....but it is not enough to erase the sensation of the lodging between my teeth. I am so grateful for floss...Flossing every day will save so much!!