Saturday, August 11, 2012

plan B

...saturday morning we head to the ferry...determined that although the beemer is in the shop we can still have an adventure. I am riding my 250, he is on the Pan and we are heading from Victoria to Port Renfrew. We meander past farmlands and roll into deserted roads along Spectacle Lake. I am in a groove - left right, left right scanning for scenery to take your breath away. Weekend traffic is just emerging as we make our way to Jordan River. We stop to visit a friend who graciously asks us to stay the night and we will all ride the Refrew loop in the morning. The temptation of the cool of day and the lure of roads without travel trailers and tourists was an easy decision. We head back to see a friend in Victoria but the 90 minute round trip left us depleted of energy and hydration. I feel stretched physically and mentally as I try to anticipate the impatience of drivers too lazy to spot me in their blind spot or just beside them. Fatigue is threatening my delight of the landscape - ocean views and vistas as we wind our way back to Jordan River with the sunset over the Juan de Fuca Strait awaiting us on a deck with frosty beer, soft black licorice and the satisfaction of a great day of riding. We awake early, dew glistening on our seats and birds chirping good morning to the world. We get to the main road and I cannot contain the excitement that has bubbled up to my cheeks and into a grin. I love the early shadow being the only thing in front of me.. I know I pinned it...the anticipation, my first ride on this pristine snaky pavement with chicanes and cliffs, waterfalls, aquifers and lakes dotting the road as fast food and shops dot the city. A '53 and '59 Pan behind I am loving leading the pack for the first part of the relay. Shifting up and down, eyes following the arc of the road - careful to look where I want to be...conscious of the vulnerability and invincibility the open road brings. Fuelled up on coffee, food and gas at the marina we are off through tree lined arches over gently swaying roads and on to Lizard Lake for the refreshment of a swim and a rest for our throttle hands...well at least mine. I am more and more comfortable with the timbre of the motor and the lean of the bike through a winding cee.... I love staying tight within a corner. I love to challenge myself - proving my skills at handling. The lake was refreshing and completely necessary given the heat of the day. We leave still wet but the wind brings relief from the heat...on to Cowichan Falls and watching people wade in the bubbling river looking for refreshment from the heavy hot air. We imbibe in water and shade recounting the road that jolted us at times with a cover of shade for a hole or bump unexpectedly. We all had jaw smashing and jaw clenching moments either from gravel strewn around a corner or a frost bump that reverberated up our spine. We hug goodbye to the '53 - he back to the idyllic quiet of his home, and us to the Malahat and Sunday traffic amidst tired boaters, hot dogging bikers, and drivers of different abilities and comprehension of all that is around. We avoid the speed traps and press on to the ferry. This is the hardest part of any journey. Tired limbs anticipate the rest of and familiarity of home and normalcy. The journey has been, I even say epic...and yet home is that place of respite I need to relive the road - the vulnerability and the invincibility.

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