Friday, August 3, 2012

Highway 3 AGAIN????!

Yep...there are not enough roads to the places we go to change things up.... We are back to highway 3 that bends and curves and follows rivers... I am not feeling great....still recovering but enjoying the view from behind... Breakfast is our meal of choice and hubby is so glad that I am vegetarian and give him my bacon rations.... We were in Penticton for a wedding. Seated with family highlighted the difference in who we brother engaging anyone that would listen to his rhetoric on life.. we clearly do not belong here ... not because we are better or worse .. cool.. or nerdy .. we just can't relate to what is going on .. I realize that I love the road more than anything... let me qualify... not the road ... but the journey. He has no idea that I love that he plans the route for us... I love that he thinks of how we get there... I am the there person ... I completely trust him... I know that he is thinking of us... (ooops..this is getting sappy...sorry..) but as we are approaching a new stage of life... he cares that our journey is an adventure... he wants things to be thought out.... thank you honey.

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