Friday, August 3, 2012

early morning.

..and it all began last Friday...just after dawn we slunk through the border, down I-5, found Sedro-Wooley bound for Twisp. Twisp is the end-point of the scenic destination through vistas, verdant mountains painted with azure blue lakes at the base... I love the Cascade loop. I feel big and small simultaneously. I feel big because I feel part of something that leaves me awestruck....cascading waterfalls, forests and flora that are ever changing. I feel small knowing I am but a dot in the immense canyons and gullies. Moving side to side like the tide I am ever aware of all that I am part of. Tarmac cut through pristine forest and grassland. We arrive in Twisp at the heat of the day grateful for the river, fish tacos and the lull of the road by the motel. It is biker area...lots of chrome and fringe, wife=beaters and high-heeled biker boots for the gals poured into pants and makeup that are part of the facade. Behind the wraparound glasses and rumbling engine a persona is put on of tough guy. Rarely do I get a wave from them and yet if we were engaged in a conversation of any merit they would have the grin of a cheshire least if I noticed the machine that bolstered their ego... We are boring to say the least. We texted kids as we ate pretzels, licorice and beer watching the Olympics in London....but then again this is our respite from the stress of life... ride, eat, relax, repeat... We rise early knowing the sun will soon be scorching....through Okanogan to the Okanagan...I know you are questioning...but it is true....The one with the O is in Washington State...and the other is in Canada..... onto Omak without stopping at the Walmart...(previous blogs have let you know that more than once I have had to visit Walmart....and both times in Omak...I am NOT a fan of Walmart in the fact...I will go out of my way to avoid....but...if you ever want to have some rich fodder for a blog post..I recommend you visit the Omak Walmart....) I digressed so far I lost the momentum of the ride...the ride around lakes of glass where hills were reflected so clearly and not a ripple was moving.... In that moment of tranquility I understood fishing. The stillness and the power of the water juxtaposed with the reaping of a meal...and like biking - understanding the minuteness and vastness of the world at once.

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