Friday, August 3, 2012

breakfast @ the Acme

We breakfasted at the Acme Cafe...great food and beautiful decor....recently remodelled the owners mom served us, happy we had noticed the change. I eavesdrop on the couple behind as he instructs her on what she should do with her money - coloured with f-bombs and crappy wisdom he seems more to be prying into her net worth than her past relationship....He then tells his tales of disrespect at his bank and how he wants to take all of his effin money and put it into something less corporate... at the same time telling her to get a line of credit because she could get it for 5% right now.... He is 54 and she is 51... He has had 3 marriages...she has had 2.... and all this while Ken is in the bathroom... and he is complaining the effin server needs to step it up...he needs to ride. I also determined he has only ridden a few years...and she is not yet licensed but wants to ride. He encourages her to buy the sportster for $7k because it is an amazing deal and a great beginner bike for her. We pay the bill and they are getting ready to leave. I am preparing my iPod and watching surreptitiously as they awkwardly try to get on the bike....he dismounts a few times because he cannot even lift it up....twice he makes sure I am not watching.... I am glad for the black lenses. He is clearly flumoxed and blames her fat ass for not being able to get up. Not sure if he is referring to the bike... I am reminded how great my man is...not just because of the example...but in the moment that follows and unknowing to him...he is tender and you need a scarf...are you okay? he asks as I am still recuperating from a cold.

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