Friday, August 3, 2012

..and sometimes...

..unexpected things happen like this morning... Right after the chuckanut drive of twists in turns we enter farmlands and there is a sound.... I am adept to sound..I can hear the cry of a child in the night in the dead of sleep...i can also hear the door open at 3:45am as another slinks in... I hear the wheeze of a baby and the ping of a cable throttle braking.. I think I listen carefully.. We are now in the side of a road unable to start the bike. It is a wonderful place to be right now. The morning sun is warm but not sweltering. A Kawaski stops to help..he spends a lot of time determining what it is not. He is using his iPhone and pulling up schematics..turn over the engine... Thank you stranger on the road...I didn't ask your name because I knew I might not remember... He works in the prison... Thanks!! You may never know how much I appreciate it...but I am grateful and hope that I will do the same for another traveler. And to the people who live on Farm-to-Market Road in Edison...thanks that we could tuck the Beemer in... And to the Artisan Cafe...though we didn't take you up on the offer to pay you later...I loved that you invited us to... this is rare unusual and should be noted to everyone... And to our wonderful son who got off work...brought the truck and helped us..what more can I say..? As we slunk through the border with the bike safely tied down I could not help but think of our honeymoon... A book could be written of that journey!!! My man is disappointed..he has planned Mount St. Helens for 3 years and kids, life and health have interfered.. and now... so has mechanics..

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