Tuesday, July 17, 2012

following tail lights..

...and dodging bug splats on Colebrook Road last night just as the sun went to dim and trees and hills were a silhouette against the backlight. Dusk can be a wonderful ride with the cooler air and as the landscape succumbs to darkness...but bug splats...they are a whole different story... Choking up remnants of bug is worse when you are vegetarian, but I cannot imagine ever pleasant. His tail light obliterated by the squish of guts across the faceshield, I didn't slow down with the hope of escaping the nightmare of pelting legs and antennae. The sense of being caught in a storm on the farmlands and knowing as I wind my way up 125A I will escape the torrent helps the momentary discomfort. I have come to the conclusion the spectacular is in the extraordinary. The spectacular is in the unexpected. How thousands of bugs converged to hitch a ride with me should awe me. I will leave it at that!