Sunday, June 3, 2012

Whistler or Bust

The anticipation of the journey and, the destination were enough to disrupt my sleep. Waking at 4:00am buzzing with energy I knew it would be a long day. Bags packed, iPod charged, bike prepared by the man of my dreams and we are off. Me, to put time in at work, he, off to idle away some time until I feel ready to leave...a few suggestive texts and he is downstairs and awaiting the road. We meander through Vancouver, North Van and finally onto lower Marine Drive that winds along some of the priciest and most beautiful real estate in the country. The most prolific vehicle impeding is landscaping trucks that jut from the narrowed roads. There is not much traffic, and I am loving this trek. The ocean emerges as we espy a freighter that seems out of place in this luxurious location. A desolate windy road amongst ferraris and bmws that gaze on a rusted cargo ship. We twist our way to Horseshoe Bay and press on to Squamish. Bear in mind this is my first big trip. Bear in mind I have only gone 100k for limited times. Bear in mind I ride a 250. I say this to set the stage for the next leg of the journey in which my ears, not accustomed to the roar of the wind, nor the concentration of the mind for taking corners amidst the din...did this and more for a long time. I had no idea how hard it would be. Really. Honestly. That first leg had my skinny arms screaming for muscle, my ears begging for quiet, my tongue wanting a drink more than water, and my neck was so tight I thought it would snap if I turned it. Ever being the trooper I survived, albeit humbled. I am humbled at the skill it takes to concentrate on the apex. I am humbled that the things I was so sure of were whisked away at that moment. We break for food and my arms are buzzing. I am reassured to press on to Whistler and the awaiting five star accommodations which now boasts "diamond" status. The next leg of the journey I feel less dramatic about. I am in control, although an itchy head has me screaming for some device that I can "clap on"... I succumb and pull over which leaves my man wondering what has happened. I know he checks his side mirror much less often as I am at the side of the road a long time before I hear the timbre of his motor to check on me. I am nonchalant at now. I know my way to Whistler. I know where the Four Seasons is too. We press on together. Sometimes so in sync with the curves you would swear we are one. I love those moments. The moments when we hugs curves in faith that each will fulfill their end of the bargain. "Nerd Alert" that is something that is extremely gratifying to me. Riding side by side in complete and utter trust. Knowing that our lives are dependent on each other.

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