Sunday, June 3, 2012

We are celebrating decades together in the village after the most decadent of dinners that shame my mostly natural diet. The dinner is Mr Noodles...and yes...still vegetarian....I had no more energy left to even talk to a server or think of something I wanted...Mr. Noodle was hot and it would go with the other crap in the basket at that moment. I was tired and really could not care in the least, though knew I must confess. For any that thought me worthy of any purity honorific...know I am not worthy.....In fact I ate a yogurt and fruit at those golden arches the next morning casting me into eternal damnation. But.... We pressed on. We enjoyed the village with the chaos of all the mountain bikers. Dodging many we propped on a wall to see the comings and goings of the gangs of bikes that paraded amongst the promenade. It was awesome to see youngsters going for broke - riding hard, fast, and yet in the foray knowing to tame it down and alter the ego. We think of riding peak to peak...or perhaps going up to the grill on top...but decide that maybe we should head to Pemberton, a town north of Whistler - and a nice ride. My energy is restored by a great sleep and we are off, winding through Alpha and Green Lake and the beauty of the road less traveled. And it is at that. I am completely and utterly restored on the journey. I have music playing and I am loving every minute of the curves. We ride along - sometimes side by side and completely in sync..and sometimes askew and wondering what the other is doing... paralleling our 29 years of marriage. We ride on do Darcy...cottage country past Pemberton and a road that I will never forget. It is on that road I felt more than joy of curves and wind...but the sense of being in control and out of control at the same time. We rarely met another motor, and when we did I felt bowed to, as royalty and a curtsey. I never have asked for that..and when it happens I am never sure the reaction I want to give. Darcy is wonderful, charming to us because of the serenity. We could have done anything there without being disturbed....just that kind of place...We head back on the charming esses that make us love this road...back to Pemberton for picnic food. Gathering supplies we are at Nairn Falls. It does not escape us that our son has Nairn as a middle name, the town of his great-great grandfather. Could we really pass it by? No... We take our picnic on a journey trek that says it is 1.5 kms but we find a place that meets our needs. A sandy shore amidst the trail that is completely idyllic. We eat and laugh and take pictures...smoke a pipe and smile a lot. I am getting tired now (bony arms and lots of throttle still) We head back to the hotel.... And...although again lacking energy we must sustain ourselves and so we head to the village of Whistler scouting food that will be what we need. (Doesn't that sound so dramatic!!! Not intended at all) Wait until I post about the ride home....

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