Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vancouver or Bust

I never mind leaving early in the morning. The sun isn't warm yet, but the roads are clear and there is a crispness to the air. I bravely did not wear long underwear forgetting that we are riding next to the water. It was colder than I expected and kept me fixated on the destination and mostly forgetting about the road. Ever in awe of the landscape that unfolds as we cut our swathe through the sea-to-sky highway where there are breathtaking moments of eagles soaring, bears foraging and the blue of the ocean moving in rhythm to the cadence of the motor. I am gaining momentum in the confidence department with respect to curves at 100k. My eyes dart to where I want to go automatically now...ignoring things that distract my wheels from flowing through the esses. I rarely intake nervous breaths or bite me cheeks on our return. The bike and I have an understanding and it yields to my movements readily now. My arms are now used to their position and I can feel my right palm is stronger than at the beginning of the weekend. We follow the same route home...Marine Drive and amidst the curving tarmac and head over the Lions Gate bridge. This is when I notice the wind's intensity. I was being pushed around and had little drops in my stomach as I tried to anticipate how I would be moved next. "We made it." Ken's traditional line at the end of a ride. It was the best 29th Anniversary I have ever had.

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