Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Shower

...I believed him. It is just a sprinkle he said. I have five minutes to get ready and out the door. I could see the ominous sky, but I trusted him....the weatherman probably said the same thing. We are off to an event in Vancouver, and we arrive just as the rain begins it relentless downpour. I have no rain gear..DOH! I have no long underwear! DOH DOH!! My gloves are soaking, my face shield is fogging up and I can barely see through the rain drops that magnify everything out of focus. The journey home I am cautious of slicks, puddles, drivers who can't see me, the Harley ahead that has no fender and is spraying - well more like shooting water ten feet behind his tire. I maneuver out of his path several times...but alas it is not always possible and my helmut becomes soaking wet inside as the spray comes in the vents. In retrospect it sounds like the most horrible experience...but, really - I was wet, cold and a little tired from squeezing the handlebars so as to avoid a slip....but at the same time, i realized that it was an experience that helped to prepare me for eventualities. You cannot live in Vancouver without getting caught in the rain. Note to self - rain gear is recommended!! Note to self - twice without long underwear is proving I am more a fool than I thought. But if I stopped riding spotting every cloud in the sky, I might only ride a few days a year - and that would never do.

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