Saturday, June 16, 2012

Marriage is a lot like riding. There is a lot of commitment required; you have no idea where you are going; it is easy to get distracted. I remember those early days of marriage. The bliss at making a meal and shopping within a budget. We looked at the future with smiles. We meandered through muddy waters of others' breakups, witnessed uncomfortable fights and unruly children. We clearly knew where we did not want to go. We chose a road less traveled. In fact, our road was more like a path that we blazed ourselves. We were the family with all the traditional values of morality, love and harmony, mixed with punk-rock, tattoos and motorcycles. I have always loved the road less traveled. It can be lonely. It can be more vulnerable, but it also has the most amazing twists and turns and pristine lakes at 6 am. We have not always been able to take off for a ride...ballet, taekwando, piano, drums, school, concerts, sickness, seizures, heartbreak, and love have meant we waited for the next leg of our journey. We are mostly there. Friday our youngest will completed her last day of high school. Her journey has been the hardest for me to bear. She has always been our frail one. The one who missed her 1st and 6th birthday in the hospital. The one that missed her 10th grade for a brain tumor. Last night she presented her story in Spanish to us all. Bravely with a great rolling accent she recounted the story of her family. Her daddy, idolizing Evel Kneivel and the rest of us with the idiosyncrasies that make us who we are. Riding is a lot like marriage. You have to be committed or you'll crash. I remember to watch the apex of the keeps me focused. Slower speeds can sometimes bog you down and make you wobbly. You need to find the right flow. I love riding side by side with my man. The trust we need gives me confidence. He trusts me enough to glide through a twist as though we have an axle joining us. The thought dawned on me he could just have amazing observation skills like a football player watching the opponent for a miniscule turn of a hip....but I choose to think the former. Some roads will annoy you, as will the traffic, other drivers and the weather....but the journey...the wind...being and living is what it is all about.

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