Saturday, May 12, 2012

I can't wipe the grin off my face!! We rode to 22nd to pick up dready girl and then to Ladner to Canadian Blood Services for her to prove to her Bio teacher that she in fact is not qualified to give blood due to her seizures, her meds, and the fact that they bleed her dry on a regular basis for fun..... We leave New West in search of River road in Richmond that wends its way along the river and attracts men in the tightest shorts possible with cute little sockets to boot. We make our way through the tunnel and are attune to the ebb and flow of Saturday traffic. We drop Mik off a the clinic to confirm what she already knows, and the man and I were off to the river to leave her watching leeches. We road along River Road in Ladner...and it never, ever escapes my sight that eagles seem to soar around me. It is a sign from Isaiah the prophet I am sure. With her duty done we ride home, realizing this has been a few hours in the gorgeous sun. At home we refuel and find our son - I suggest a ride at which he is enthusiastic. Any ladies out there might understand that 23 year old sons might rarely want to be seen with middle aged ladies....but he must have remembered the significance of the weekend as he was resplendent with treats and flowers as well. We ride along River Road, not Ladner, but Delta in search of a bike place. A few bikes pique our curiosity. We leave to refuel and to find another road that will remind us of the curves and wind. My suggestion of a road the follows Highway 99 has enthusiastic response and we are off - chasing each other - chasing wind and corners. More than once today I found myself smiling ear to ear. I feel incredibly blessed with the ability and the drive to wend along roads like a wave in tune with a greater movement than myself. The power of the weight of the bike yielding to my leaning is enough for me to realize that I love the physics and science of movement and curve as much as the wind and the velocity, ride on.....

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