Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I was fantasizing again. Those deep, incredibly rich daydreams that capture your heart and mind. I have been hired to write of my adventure - whilst traveling across Canada, then the US, Europe and Asia. I am hired to record the journey and the side roads I meander down. I need a bodyguard, thank goodness...and actually, I confess that I need him as my barometer for the wimp meter anyways.

I am competitive...but I also need that push. There is a part of me that wants to be complain about a sore hip or a finger that has fallen off...but I wasn't made that way. I feed off the energy of the chase and the catch. So he will be with me in this dream..

Although I did not see a new bike...I know that reality would dictate one. I think it might have been a guzzi or bmw....

I want it to take me to Nova Scotia, through Montreal and to PEI. The prairies will be endured as will the big cities in the US and Europe....but it will be those roads where the view takes your breath away...the roads that you fall in love with the curves that wind...I don' t want to wake up.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunshine and frozen snot!

..but completely worth losing the feel of my fingers. Familiar turf but you forget how great it is to be part of the vastness. A stop in Cloverdale to warm up and then on to get new gloves. I know how much of a nerd I am when I am smiling so hard my helmut moves....My favourite thing is the take a corner, side by side, with the guzzi. It energizes me to see how far my skill has come. I can't believe the trust he must have had in the beginning....I still feel there is much to learn.

River Road in Richmond was ideal. Nippy...serene and car free. How could I not smile. We stop to take a oldest thinks I look like a martian....big white helmut, two spindly legs. I could care less. I was content in that moment. River Road in Delta...and off to a side road and the reminders of landmarks I forget over winter.

Winter feels all about work...tucking in as the crocus push through the moist earth I remember there are adventures I need to set off for.

I needed spring!