Thursday, December 15, 2011

Montana here we come

I don't consider myself aggrandizing, but I do re-read my blogs to keep from repeating things. Some might wish I read them more...because I seem to have taken to the common use of some phrases that I could see turning stomachs or rolling eyes if they crept in again....

Tonight, as I was trying to remember summer...I happened upon our trip to Montana. Montana was the Sip n' Dip Motor Inn was the real the destination. It just happened to be in Montana.

Let me tell you about the Sip n' Dip. This is a hotel that was forgotten in a time warp of 1960. It was built before that....but I would say it really mattered in the 60's. The hotel is pleasantly preserved. It was sparkling clean...a cute little rubber ducky....and the kind of fixtures Restoration Hardware would covet. The double bed fit snugly between two hanging end tables that had no room between the walls. The words quaint and cute came to mind as everything was just so....and just so small. Though we didn't really come for the accomodations...we came to see the Mermaids.

Walking into the bar at the inn....I had no idea what to expect. Turquoise stools, tiki knick knacks and a glass wall looking into a swimming pool were only part of the ambience. At 7:30 young ladies donning a bikini top and a tail were swimming to the ogling crowd sipping mai tai's and martinis.

Tips were taped to the glass while the mermaid twisted into an arabesque and then shot to the surface for oxygen. With lungs full and smile pasted she was back waving and moving rhytmically to her own music as the bar was taken over by Pat now, playing the same organ she had played since 1900. There were only 3 chords played for the entire repetoire of songs..or perhaps it was just one song that had many many verses.

People were loving it. What was not to love? Mermaids...cheesy music....people who were clearly tipsy trying to impress their "lady friend" by singing along with Pat.
I saw men in white pants with white shoes. (Please - if your friend wears white pants let them know they need a neutral white or beige briefs....and please let them know that they need something between them and the gabardine). I saw a few hats on men wearing cardigans and carrying a cane That used to be such a grampa thing to do except I now realize why my man wants a hat (at least he has not mentioned white pants!)

You could pick out the regulars in a moment. The one with the skin tight shirt and wrinkled cleavage, red lips and bouffant hair. The smell of hairspray made me glad there was no smoking!!

The Sip n' Dip is a piece of history that has remained mostly unchanged by time. The years have been kind and it is one of the most unique places we will ever travel thousands of miles for.