Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I have been chastised for neglecting my blog. Riding tonight I knew that I needed to distance myself from the same old prose that I noticed I use over and over lest I bore not only readers...but myself.

Feeling the warmth of the October sun compelled me to the road today. Plans were cancelled and I was inhaling food to get on my bike. Not 2 minutes out of the driveway and I realize I have forgotten my scarf. We head on a local ride, over the river and down through Richmond, then Ladner and east Delta.

My head clears on the road. It is cold....my left baby finger aches and my face shield is fogging up. I am smiling ear to ear. I love the invigoration...leaving my cheeks ruddy, my eyes red. I am not quite sure if I love the bravado I demonstrate at sticking it out....or if the rhythmic movement entices me no matter what the weather. I love it and that is enough for me to be sad that my insurance is soon up.

I am glad I seized this moment.

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