Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Grand Forks, Trail, Creston & Bonners Ferry

Very early Wednesday morning we left Penticton around the east side of Skaha Lake heading toward Hwy 3. Morning is the perfect time for a ride. No campers....few cars on the road. We stop at Happy Days donut shop in Grand Forks. Harley's dad is friendly at filling us in on the Russian heritage of the Dukabors in the Creston Valley. His Harley looks is kept in the house since which I know Ken is trying to get my attention. It is not happening...they can barely fit in the garage.

The weather is perfect. Not too hot, but the sun still warms us. We arrive in Trail, a familiar and unforgettable town. Trail has the appearance of being placed very carefully, at the bottom of a ravine with mountains surrounding it. Beauty is only disrupted by the belch of smoke from the local companies. I cannot imagine that this would be a industrial would have been a wonderful scenic destination had not the soot sullied the waters and town around it.

We press on to Creston....wide open spaces....the road looking down on valleys of farmlands, bucolic settings amidst the unspoken shame in the valley that is home to Bountiful and underage girls forced into polygamy with spiritual leaders. I crane my neck to catch of glimpse of anything that might indicate the colony.

We keep moving now, winding toward the Porthill border crossing where we are interrogated with a southern drawl that is barely understandable. It is 3:30pm and we arrive at Bonner's Ferry, Idaho....a historic town founded by Bonner to transport between Canada and Idaho across the waters. The ferry is no longer, and the town looks on its way out as well. Trying to find a restaurant proved a challenge. There was a movie theatre and a Casino, and we did eventually find food at a brewhouse....but we could have walked through town and rolled it up for all the people around.

Our hotel was quaint....YEP...floral!! this case, with the king sized log bed it worked. We enjoyed our neighbour next door as we sat and swapped stories of rides and experiences on the open road. We bid adieu to our new friends as they ventured to Canada and we headed south to Montana....

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