Tuesday, August 30, 2011

early morning rides..

...are my favourite. Very few cars....the cool of the morning. We went over the state line into Montana very early and breakfasted in Troy. The diner was resplendent with cowboy memorabilia and the history of the area.

Leaving Troy and onto the most amazing and magnificent cattle ranches that stretch for ...I want to say miles and miles....but in fact feel like ...days and days... of ecru coloured fields that dip and sway and dot with black steer, huddled in bunches munching vegetation blissfully unaware of their fate....(had to say that...being vegetarian...) The unfolding of the landscape still leaves me in complete and utter awe....to see the dips and sways and mesas is something new...I am a kid in a candy store. I am smiling...and damn..my headphone falls out...so in the first town with an Albertson's we correct the lack of consistent music. I feel out of every element I ever could be in...a carnival across the street...and a store that is more southern than I have experienced. I visit the "washroom" and know that I am not in "familiar" territory.....but hey...being the great Canuck I have learned to be...I roll with the punches.

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