Monday, July 25, 2011

Riding is more than cathartic for me. It is the machine and I becoming one as we twist and turn. I have never been, nor aspire to be cool,,,but there is satisfaction at perfectly executing turns, following the ess of the yellow line in rhythm.

I know I used to think I was a good rider. I am only discovering now that I don't know much about riding. I am confident. I am able. I understand the mechanics of riding and the bike. It is taking command of the bike I am still learning. Willing it through a narrow passage...knowing it is tight, but moving your body to move the machine an inch to the left around a mirror of a is looking beyond the tight corner to see the oncoming car and knowing how to react.

Our new destination has been Steveston. The gelato is great....and the there is enough variation in the rode and route to venture..either 6 road to Steveston or through the tunnel. I can tell I am outgrowing the throttle hand aches from trying to keep it at 80 K.....I will miss this bike. It has been good to me.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I HAVE ridden since Father's Day...and someone pointed out I was remiss in not posting to my rag on this....however, as my defense I can only ride today was again....ethereal.....I know...lame....exhausting to hear again. Westham Island in Delta riding side by side...through the corners....through all the curves....side by side...and did I mention we were side by side...even at the lights.....I am sorry....I am such a nerd that completely was into the fact this might bore you...but in my little world of biking I recognize the trust it takes to ride through a corner with someone...through anything that could bring impending doom!!

Today I really felt that the bike and I were one...not me riding it...but an integral part of who I am..

I love nerdy to say out loud...but i love the adrenalin...the rush of the wind...the beat of my heart...