Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

the day started gloomy. Too dismal to consider a ride through Vancouver to the mountains. We stayed in bed....and I cooked him bacon....not an easy feat for a vegetarian.

As the sky lightened we eventually sidled our way to a Show and Shine in Surrey. Lots of fringe...lots of grey.....a few rode over the grass so tenuously that I wondered of their skill on the road. They had the 1200 electraglide all decked out and they matched it perfectly....but the fear on their face on slippery grass was priceless. I might have taken a picture but I was afraid they would think I was after them. (shudder)

We walked around...talked a bit...and the man gave his piece of wood up for another guy. When I asked why he shrugged and said his bike was pretty solid....and the guy had on a motorcycho patch. I am curious why he doesn't say..."hey - that's me" to anyone. Every now and then someone figures it out. At the Yamaha dealer yesterday the guy pegged him. "ya"...he says somewhat meekly. "How did you figure that out?" I ask. "Facebook....I saw a pic on FB and knew it was you." Norman Anonymous might not remain that way.

Something I have always admired about him is that he has never had the need for someone to know the details. He has given to those in need....with no praise....he dj'd for years with the anonymous moniker....and his magazine is decades old now. He has never sang his own praises....never tooted his own horn. I have never seen him try to get attention for any of the things he has done.

Of his greatest accomplishments, I know that he has 4 amazing kids who adore him, admire him and are proud of their humble dad. I am the most blessed of all....and I get to ride with him into the sunset.