Friday, May 27, 2011

There are a few things in this world that take my breath away. The smell of my newborn babies, the Cascade Loop, Duffy Lake Road, my husband of 28 years and a pristine black Motoguzzi. So, when my man suggested we ride together on the Cascade ride the heart skipped a beat. His confidence in my skills bolstered any fear that might creep in. Yes...ego is involved in this one. Everyone...I mean everyone notices the Guzzi. It could be the could be that even a poser could actually look cool on it. I have never been, nor claim to be, nor aspire to be cool. But....I have to admit...for someone who has to stand up straight to reach five feet, and weighing a lot less than the be able to maneuver it through terrain that I am in awe of will be my challenge over the next few months.

First I need my full license - which does not qualify me to ride...but will at least give me credos on paper. Then I will need to learn the configuration of the gears. The Guzzi is needs to be massaged....rocked....cajoled in a whole new way to the next level. As he explains this...and his own confusion with which gear, I know that it will take getting used to. But - that is about will take getting used to. I have started in naivete and pregnant learning to ride....from there I learned you don't need much gas when you are riding a trials bike - you just need skill and teeth....and the last few years have taught me you need a pair for a lot of things in life. I really want to learn that Guzzi.....

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