Tuesday, April 26, 2011

They are out again.....

...the maps....strewn across the desk...so I will notice. Opened in his hands as he is coming to find me......"this looks like a great ride...." and he is off to his happy place, imagining the road less traveled. There is no mock within me. I am grateful for the man that goes to this length...how could I not be?

I have yet to be disappointed by a ride. In fact to relive them always brings amazing memories...I feel so incredibly blessed that I have seen the beauty that surrounds me. Dawn breaking over mountains and valleys leaving Omak...Desolation Sound and the amazing waterfalls and spectacle of it all in the Cascades..the Sunshine Coast would be a story in and of itself.....mountains that are so close I am in awe of their majesty on the Duffy Lake Road - not to mention the rest stops along the way with the Eloha bubbling and drowning out the world..the Okanagan with the smell of apple blossoms and sage so vivid that the aroma is locked forever in my mind. These are but a few of the thousands and thousands of kilometres we have traveled...

The maps are out..searching again for adventure....thx honey......I will pack light as usual.

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